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Here we go again!

So, I'm back at PNS. YAY! Now, to some people, working at a grocery store is not so thrilling, and I know people question my choice in working there. They say...but you have a teaching degree, why don't you teach??

Yes, in a perfect world I would have my own classroom and be putting my teaching degree to good use. Sad fact is, it is DAMN HARD to get a teaching job right now. With teaching jobs being cut, many teachers laid off and all the crap going on in the school system, it's like 400 teacher applying for 1 position when they open.

I've been going back and forth on teaching lately. What I'd really like to do is go back for my reading certification and be just a reading teacher. Where I do enjoy full classrooms, I like the specialized learning. A lot of this has to do with me and not having my own classroom. I like having my own space to work.

Besides, I'd really love to take more classes so I feel more with the times.

Anyway, I had my first real on the job training. Most of it was just like I remembered. I got a crash course in the "speed zones" or self checkout, till counting, service desk and other misc things.

I was really proud on how much came back to me, even if I was annoyed with not knowing some of the new stuff, but it's a learning in progress. I'm sure I'll be zipping through this stuff in no time.

It felt like "home". Yes, it can be stressful and obnoxious, but I really like doing this job. Hell, I did it for 9 years before I left for Iowa. I missed it when I left. I stayed in retail when I lived in Iowa.

I like working with people. I like PNS.

I will probably bitch about it, but hell, what job doesn't get a good bitchfest from time to time?

I'm tired and my feet hurt like hell. Nothing like an 8.5 hr first day back! Tomorrow, shopping for work clothes. White button up dress shirts, black dress pants, GOOD BLACK TENNIS SHOES. (I wore flats today...BAD IDEA)

I get to wear a tie to. I look damn cute in a tie. <3

Alright, sleep time. Gotta get up at 6:30am with mom to exercise.
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