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All in the Life of Leeny...

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20 July 1981
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"Fate can only do so much, once in a while you have to step up and act on the opportunity that has presented itself to you."

I can't ever think of the smart things to say in here, or something that sums up the last 26 years of my life here on this earth. I've been through difficulties, I've had great joys, met wonderful people, and have loved and lost love. In that respect I am no different than any other person out there.

But what makes me differnt? What could I possibly contribute to the world that is worth reading? It's my life plain and simple. No two people are exactly alike, and this life is mine, and I'm living it.

I'm not asking you to read it, hell it's probably a dumb idea for me to post my life and my ups and downs online, come on really, who wants to read that crap?

But it's a reminder to me, it's a journey for me, so really, I expect nothing from you as a reader. I ask you respect my thoughts and feelings because I do open myself up to the world.

It can look shallow on the surface, but if you can see deep enough, you will find me, and then...then maybe you might start to understand me.