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That was so good, I want to do it again.

Sleep. Pure mostly non-dream sleep. I'm still groggy but better than exhausted.

It's almost 8 am, and tho i should go back to bed i want to keep a more regular sleep schedule. I know sleeping till whenever is full of awesome and win, it's not the best sleep hygiene for your body. Now I need to focus on a normal bedtime. I'm going to shoot for 10:00 in bed and 10:30 sleep. my body is used to walking up at 7:30-8 ish on it's own so I'm going to keep with that.

Things to do today, i'm going to make a list, andi like it! and yes, I add easy things to my list just to have the gratification of crossing it off later.

Love love, and in a better mood...
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