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Hello Livejournal,

I'm sorry I have neglected you so. That damn facebook had too many games and sucked me into the abyss. But the good thing about you, is that only my close personal friends read you. So I can actually bitch and swear if I want to. Because, well, I can.

<3 Leeny

I'm feeling bitchy. Mostly due to being a girl. Like, I haven't been this uncomfortable in a while. The last two days have been painful, which is not normal for me usually. Those lovely birth control pills do wonders. I dunno, I haven't been feeling well, I still went to Curves yesterday. But like 2/3 the way through, CRAMPS, like you would not believe. I wanted to cry.

Other than that, things are going alright. Summer, well, I suck at planning for summer. Job wise that is. I for some reason always have a lapse in memory, that less hours working in the summer means less money to pay bills. Why do I not think of this oh...3 months before school lets out? I applied at the local grocery store, but I don't know if they are hiring. I'm hoping for the fall to come quickly, only if it means I can start working more!

Tuesday Morning just doesn't have a lot of regular hours to give right now. Which is sad. The first week of July we will be swamped with Inventory and counting, so I'll get plenty of hours then, but as for now, I'm filling the time with watching the World Cup. (that's not so bad actually)

Not working...is stressful. You'd think, oh it's like a vacation, but as fun as it is to have time off, I'm the type to be aware that the money is not being made by me. And I pick up the mail, so I see the monthly bills. ACK.

The pool is open, that's a positive, but Andrew isn't around to go swimming. I need a swimming buddy. So yeah, life is life. I'm going to be 29. crazy.

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