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Smart Program

It has been put into motion.

I have started my smart program. I have this nifty key card that has my range and intensity measured for each machine. So it tells me when I'm really working my ass off and when I start to slack. "Go for Green" is the motto. Oyi. This will kick my ass, as I am already feeling it right now.

I adore Linda, one of the instructors. She's just awesome and motivating and 50ish. She has a way of encouraging and not making you feel bad about your body. She emphasizes health not weight, it's about getting healthier. So she said I should cut out 1 thing that I eat that I could do without. I'm gonna really watch myself the next few days and find what that little vice. I know it's not soda, I have that rarely unless we go out to eat, and lately I've been trying to just keep it to water.

We will see. I'm excited. I am hopeful. I feel empowered.

I will make myself better damn it. I can do it.

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